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Welcome to Fossbox

We specialise in open innovation, metadesign and open source solutions for social impact including collaborative smart design and web-based software development, e-publishing, e-learning and CRM.

We use participatory design processes because we care about user experience and appropriate functionality for the universities, museums, non-profits, cooperatives and social enterprises we work with. We don't use technology to replace or control people but to promote genuinely inclusive working practices which make the most of available resources.

Open Source Career Taster at The National Museum of Computing

  • Web-based software: e-publishing, e-learning, membership and case tracking
  • Consultancy and Research: Metadesign, networked collaboration, participatory design and action research
  • Training & Education: e-learning and peer training. Deskside and workshop training for users, administrators and developers.

We advocate and implement UK-based cloud or Free/Libre and Open Source Software because we feel it's a better fit with the culture of the social sector and because it's more cost-effective to build on community-maintained applications as well as avoiding problems with interoperability and lock-in.

We're a non-profit working with other non-profits in an agile way. We have a real commitment to the social innovation sector and an experienced understanding of the needs of academic, curatorial and non-profit organisations.