Libre Graphics Meeting 2016

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This year’s Libre Graphics Meeting was organised by Lara Blazic with LGM and the Software Sustainability Group at Westminster University’s School of Media Arts & Design. The London LGM was buzzy with a really friendly atmosphere – we had a lot of fun. The Westminster Venue was great with light, airy open spaces and well-equppped breakouts. Fossbox’ Paula Graham-Gazzard and Lisa Haskell were invited to talk about Fossbox’ work on diversifying FLOSS design and working with end-users. Whilst the LGM wasn’t itself markedly diverse, it felt like a women-positive space and our talk on diversity in software design was well-received. Obviously some of this effect is due to Lara’s focus on making sure the event was as diverse as possible as an organiser but I think also a testament to how much FLOSS has ‘upped its game’ around diversity over the past decade since the rather damning FLOSSpols report on women’s minimal participation in FLOSS was published in 2005.

In another part of the forest, Lara and I are part of the Autonomous Tech Fetish radical arts group based at the Common House which hosted the after-party. This converged with festivities for the ‘Art of Bots’ recently at Somerset House from the Disruption Network Lab curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli – a serendipidous jollification!  All in all, we had a great time and made some really exciting connections.

Download Fossbox’ presentation here

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