The mechanised Heart?

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22 March for activists, artists, designers, makers with Furtherfield and Autonomous Tech Fetish. Visit our Meetup Group to join the day. Programme here.

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and ‘Future Cities’ are heralded as a quantum leap in economy, society, culture and government. As the digital domain begins to bleed into our ordinary, physical surroundings, the government is telling us that we don’t need privacy. Our minds and bodies are increasingly transparent and permeable to digital marketing techniques. Bureaucratic ‘machine learning’ systems will make the ‘man in the peaked cap’ look like a tender-hearted humanitarian. What are trends like the ‘militarisation of social science’ and ‘predictive policing’ really about?

It’s not surprising that so many people just feel helpless and afraid but, if this isn’t the future that we want, now is the time to begin a public debate and to think about how the machines will serve human cities rather than how humans will serve machine cities.

Join us on 22 March for a day of workshops, discussions, screening and performance to begin a wider debate on the future of our cities. Follow us on @fossbox for updates on the programme and activities. Follow us on @fossbox for updates on the programme over the next few days.


11am Start – elevensies and icebreakers

  • Morning workshop: Misbehavioural Codes – Alex Joensson, Clifford Hammet, Amit Rai – This hands-on workshop explores emotional and behavioural coding practices, ranging from nursery monitoring to online profiling.
  • Afternoon workshop: The Mechanised Heart – Lisa Haskell, Paula Graham – Can we de-gender technology and re-think cybernetics – is there a feminist design?
  • Screening TBA
  • Performance: Soundbeam – Les Hutchins, Shelly Knotts and Holger Ballweg – Sonic representation of Mozilla’s Light Beam tracker visualisation

There’ll be a bar in the early evening for the screening and performance. End around 9pm

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