Surviving the Gig Economy: A Users’ Guide


We’re partnering with UEL to explore how creative graduates will meet precarity.

We’ve been interested in the way in which discussion of precarity in creative industries goes on in parallel with discussion of the gig-economy and zero-hours contracts. Whilst research shows there are significant differences between these two spaces, we are also interested in the commonalities.

In February 2018, we will begin a project with the Artists Union England and Black Shuk Cooperative to work with students and communities in East London to provide an invaluable tool to help students in creative subjects successfully enterprise themselves in the gig economy, and provide valuable knowledge leadership to the creative sector, as well as providing resources to support hyper-precarious workers. UEL students on the BA Journalism programme will work as researchers and authors to develop, write and publish a digital magazine entitled Surviving the Gig Economy: A Users’ Guide.