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Fossbox is a network of researchers, artists, and technologists interested in the human creative potential in emerging technologies formed as a social enterprise in 2009. Originally, we came together to take forward technology co-design research begun with a cross-disciplinary research collaboration Design for the 21st Century: Technology & Social Action. We wanted to continue our work with NGOs and academic researchers to explore a more collaborative, open and sustainable approach to technology design for social change. Over the years since Fossbox formed, the cultural and creative industries have radically transformed and, with it, the focus of our design and strategy practices.

We work to engage and inform activists, artists and researchers on the implications of emerging technologies, especially issues of diversity and inclusion. We remain committed to working collaboratively using human-centred design processes and open technologies, which help inform community networks and social change movements, and to be active in critical design research.

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Fossbox was formally incorporated as a Community Interest Company (CIC) limited by guarantee and asset-locked in 2009 — we do not have shareholders and profit is reinvested. Fossbox works as a collective with oversight by a steering group responsible for overall vision, management of reserved funds, and organisational policy development.

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Fossbox CIC is an asset-locked not-for-profit limited by guarantee | Company Registration: 694273