paula graham-gazzard profile picPaula Graham-Gazzard is a public engagement and impact consultant. She has worked in media and digital industries including Pathé-UK, Orange/Film4 and Freedman International as well as the WCIT before founding Fossbox in 2007 and women’s digital arts and technology network in 2010 in collaboration with BCS, TNMOC and QMUL. Paula was appointed Creative Entrepreneur in Residence at QMUL in 2013 and mentors social innovators with Bethnal Green Ventures. She became Hon Fellow in Diversity and Innovation at Kingston FADA in 2014 and Hon Fellow in Creative Industries at the University of Westminster in 2017. Paula has also partnered or Co-I’d in 5 research collaborations funded by RCUK and EU. She has a PhD in Culture & Communication from the University of Sussex and is a Fellow of the RSA.  LinkedIn | @cybergazz

les hutchinsCharles Céleste Hutchins was born in San Jose, California in 1976. Growing up in Silicon Valley, he started programming at a young age and has continued to do so, even after leaving dot coms to peruse music composition – obtaining an MA form Wesleyan University in 2005 and a PhD from the University of Birmingham in 2012. His recent work has focussed on gendered labour and AI.

lisa haskell profile picLisa Haskel is a developer, researcher and teacher interested in collaborative practice, open source software and empowerment around technological tools. She holds a PhD in Engineering from Bournemouth University and began her collaboration with Fossbox as part of her PhD research working collaboratively with a consortium of nine East London advice agencies to use participatory design methods to develop an open-source, shared case management database which would ensure the privacy of each agency’s clients and generate anonymised reporting statistics.

kate lomax profile picKate Lomax is a technologist and librarian with a particular interest in online learning and open technologies. From 2009 until 2013, Kate was the Project Manager for the NHS eLearning repository and has over eight years experience in web development, design, and digital content platforms. With Artefacto, Kate has been working on a Digital Bookshelf project, Newsletter for Libraries and the Open Book Quest for Flossie 2012. Kate also organises the women and open tech Meetups.

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Fossbox CIC is a not-for-profit steered by an Executive Committee (EC) made up of artists, academics, and activists. Our income is from grant funding as well as consultancy services, surplus is re-invested in community projects to which we also donate time. The EC steers Fossbox’ overall social agenda and is responsible for oversight of reserved funds.

Executive Committee Chair: Charles Céleste Hutchins
Company Director: Paula Graham-Gazzard

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