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Flossie/BCS Career Taster Workshops

A series of refresher workshops and inspirational talks for women returning to coding after a break or wanting to learn some programming skills for other projects.

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Xapian is a search engine library; it provides various moving parts that enable you to build search functionality into other software, as well as some out of the box tools (including a CGI-based web search engine). Written in C++, with bindings for use from Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Lua, Erlang, C# and TCL (and someone was working on node.js — not sure what the state of that is). Xapian is part of both Debian and Ubuntu, and was used in the One Laptop Per Child project.

We have a getting started guide for developers wanting to build things with Xapian ( with examples in python; we also have a "Help Wanted" page on our wiki ( which links to a big list of project ideas ( ranging from the fairly small (as little as a dozen lines of code likely required) to huge (right up to adding support for other human languages none of us knows anything about, which would require both deep C++ work and knowledge of the language in question, plus getting to grips with various Information Retrieval ideas that underpin the way Xapian works).

For anyone comfortable just jumping in we have mailing lists (xapian-discuss is the best to start: and IRC channels (#xapian on Freenode).

Stay in touch!

You can join the Flossie discussion list here or email Paula, Nela, or Michelle if you'd like a less public chat about contributing to OSS projects – or would like to volunteer at Flossie.

Social Media Workshop

This workshop is intended to help non-profits and social enterprise use social marketing techniques adapted to their needs.

It begins with an introduction to strategic planning to help organisations look at social media marketing realistically and focus their efforts. This is followed by a practical session with Twitter to familiarise with concepts and techniques for setting up and building your network. We finish up with a broad overview of some of the more popular social media sites you might want to use and some tools to help you manage your campaigns.

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