Ubuntu Live Chat Help

You can get live chat help with your Ubuntu problems from the Ubuntu-UK Local Community — this is made up of Ubuntu support professionals along with talented enthusiasts so you can be confident of the quality of the help you'll be offered.

Access the Ubuntu-UK live help channel here — when you click on the link, you'll see this page:

Freenode webchat page
Make up a nickname (a one-word nickname you'd like to be known by) and enter #ubuntu-uk in the 'Channels' box, fill in the wavy writing and then click 'Connect'.

Give it a few moments to sort itself out and you'll see something like this open up in your browser:

Ubuntu-UK channel in Freenode

On the right is a list of all the people in the channel (actual nicknames airbrushed out), type your question in the box at the bottom of the screen and someone will answer you.

Ubuntu has a code of conduct which the volunteers will observe — and so should you! Try to be clear, answer any questions you're asked and, remember, you're probably feeling pretty frustrated but the volunteers are all giving their time for free so be nice :)

More info about the Ubuntu-UK Local Community here