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Community Projects

One of the areas where we contribute pro-bono work is in addressing gender-gap in open source software. Paula had been contributing to the GenderChangers' Eclectic Tech Carnival and TransHack in Europe since 2005 and In 2010, Fossbox co-founded with Kate, Lisa, Becky Stewart from Codasign and Nela Brown from G.Hack to bring together women artists, designers, open hardware and software developers, and embedded systems engineers to explore new directions in ubiquitous computing and smart design and their implications for women. The Flossie Conference ran at QMUL in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, we contributed workshops to Tactical Tech's Gender & Tech Pop-Up Institute. We are currently developing the free workshops we have been running relating to digital privacy, open democracy and culture and open tech skills for communities in collaboration with Furtherfield Commons and with Autonomous Tech Fetish group at The Common House.