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Furtherfield Galleries -membership management support

Furtherfield supports a consortium of small arts organisations reaching diverse communities and audiences but lacking resources to develop and grow. Fossbox worked with Furtherfield to build fundraising capacity by providing networked access to a collaborative membership database based on CiviCRM.

Furtherfield believes that people are inspired and enabled to become active co-creators of their cultures and societies through creative engagement with art and technology and runs a gallery and commons space in Finsbury Park. The membership management system enables each organisation to record information about individuals, tracking their interaction with the organisation to enable effective segmentation (by interest, propensity to give, donations, attendance, geographical area, etc.). This segmentation enables effective tailoring of communications ensuring the right fundraising message reaches prospects in communications to build a lifelong engagement with the organisation and secure one-off and ongoing financial support. Building onto CiviCRM and the Drupal Framework reduced costs and development time significantly. 

Furtherfield CiviCRM screenshot