Technology | Diversity | Democracy


  • Knowledge exchange and research impact. We work with researchers to develop collaborative engagement with communities and the creative sector which is genuinely productive for communities, creative enterprises, researchers, policy-makers, and service developers. We use tools developed through collaborative research to facilitate successful innovation and seeds of longer-term social change which add value to ‘countable’ outputs or dissemination.
  • Transposing and transforming: We are experienced at working across disciplines, sectors, diverse communities, and internationally. We have developed considerable expertise in explaining complicated ideas clearly for different audiences. We are also experienced in bringing together diverse participants, cultures and skillsets to spark new ideas whilst fostering effective communications and a collaborative atmosphere. We can also help with widening communications and research dissemination.
  • Strategy: Data gathering, analysis and reporting. We use human-centred approaches to capture vision and pin down strategy. We also carry out feasibility studies, policy analysis, and other independent studies.
  • Workshop facilitation: Fossbox people have experience of workshop facilitation in a range of settings using a variety of human-centred approaches. We run workshops in universities, non-profits, with government and civil service, and arts spaces. Our methods are always open, inclusive, and interactive.
  • Organisational transformation: We use human-centred approaches and platforms to promote collaborative working and CoPs or to facilitate successful non-geographic collaboration. Ask us about virtual working/collaboration during the Covid19 Emergency.